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Sarah Ashley Photography

8 December 1988
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High school photography classes (b&w film / darkroom), worked with a wedding photographer my senior year (like 20 weddings and 5 photo shoots: 4 magazine shoots and one for a hotel) and another pro my junior year (doing mostly studio still life work), 3 semesters majoring in photography (Have taken Photo 101 & Digital Darkroom (photoshop) I am currently taking: Advanced photography & Studio lighting) in college, and I photograph my old high school's prom every year. =)

Studio flash lighting.
Cameras: Canon 40D (main camera), Canon Rebel XT, Sony Alpha 200, and Seagull TLR (120mm film).
Lenses: Canon: 50mm, 28-105mm, 18-55, 75-300. Sony: 18-70, 75-33. I also have some telephoto lenses that came with my Seagull.
Flash: Canon Speedlite 430EX

At a photo shoot for the Hampton Roads Magazine while working with the photographer Keith Cephus.

At a photo shoot for the Hampton Roads Magazine. Left to right: Me, The model, Keith Cephus.

Taken after my last photo shoot with Keith Cephus.